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About: Joshua World Evangelism


Founder: Hans Hofman     


Aim:  To distribute the word of God, the Bible


Joshua was registered als a foundation on 20th May 1980 in Middelburg, Holland.


The work really began in 1979 through showing evangelistic films, the distribution

of literature and open air evangelism at home and abroad – e.g. Belgium and Portugal.


Starting at the port of Antwerp, where work was carried out among the seamen and

lorry drivers from Eastern Europe, the work transferred itself to East and (later)

West  and Central Africa and Eastern Europe.




 86-90 Harbour                      85-95 Portugal               1997-2016 Bibleworkbooks
                                                                                 East- and West Africa, Azia,
                                                                                 Europe. You will find all these
                                                                                 Bible lessons on this website


Seamen and lorry drivers took the literature home with them and passed it on to

family and friends.


The result was that many hundreds of people asked for Bible courses and more

evangelistic folders to distribute to their friends etc.

Eventually we were sending literature to more than 20 countries, including Ethiopia,

Malawi, Nigeria, Togo, Filipines, etc.


This God-given and God-led work grew and became World Evangelism. Isn’t this

the great task which Jesus gave to His followers? “Go and make all nations my

disciples… Matt 28:19. Het is therefore a ministry of faith.



 1987-2013 Togo        1987-2012 Ethiopie                            1980-2017 Belgium


 1980-2017 Belgium - Nederland

 In addition to Dutch Bible courses are translated into 5 languages and these are

worked with in many countries. Now that more and more people are gaining access

to internet I want to offer these free courses via this medium.

By clicking on Menu and the sub-menus you can find the language you wish to have

(English menu 3 , French menu 4  , Dutch menu 2 ..)


If you like to support this work with prayer, please let us know this (in English or Duch.)

Jozua Wereldevangelisatie, Nederland. hanshofman@zeelandnet.nl

Internet: www.cross.tv (Hans2)  and Facebook  Nederland (Hans Hofman)